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About the BizWorks Project


BizWorks as an project started one year before I decided to publish it on SourceForge. With BizWorks I wanted to make a software solution for small/medium sized businesses that is easily networkable LAN/WAN alike. Which in simple terms means that you could create a cheap company network over dial-up connections and still be able to securely transfer data from as many locations as you wish.

As I worked on BizWorks it began to grow, I wanted to add more and more features. It has now reached a magnitude that I alone can not handle. I wanted to create the ultimate solution to small/medium sized business software requirements, what would be a better solution for these businesses than a free one! So I decided to include this project on SourceForge.


What is BizWorks?

    BizWorks is a business administration software. It will allow you to easily manage your clients, invoices, employees, payrolls, accounts, statistics, surveys. It also contains well over 100 frequently used business letters. It comes in two flavours.

BizWorks for Microsoft Access Xp / 2000
BizWorks for php


BizWorks for Microsoft Access Xp / 2000

    BizWorks for Access XP or Access 2000 is a simpler more limited version for BizWorks. The pros of this software are that it is extremely easy to install and is excellent for an environment where you won't be connecting to your database from outside (e.g. another city or country or even your home).

It has some limitations in terms of records. As it is based on Microsoft Access (and even though Microsoft claims that Access has no limit when it comes to handling records), I believe that it can handle 100,000 records smoothly on a system that is described in the Minimum System Requirements section. On system with Recommended System Requirements it should be able to handle 1,000,000,000 records. Although these limitis are overwhelming, they are unrealistic. You would rarely require this kind of capacity from a Microsoft Access based database.


BizWorks for php

    Other than all the features mentioned above this version of BizWorks is available for all Operating Systems that can run php, Apache Web Server and MySQL. It is robust and secure. This version of BizWorks is created as a website that is hosted over Apache and based on MySQL. This combination will allow you to access your website over a simple Dial-up connection from out of your office area.

The number of people that can access this website at the sametime simply depends on the type of internet connection the server hosting this website has. With the server on a T1 connection to the internet 30 Dial-up users and a large amount of local users should be able to access the system. This in turn translates to big savings as you won't have to create a private LAN.

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